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April 2, 2014

If you have logged into LinkedIn recently and you have a company page; you’ll have received a notice that the Company Page’s Products and Services tab will no longer be supported as of April 14, 2014.

This means you will have to create a Showcase Page(s) on your Company Page for each service and product that you want to continue to display. The pro’s are that you get more image room to display your product/service. The con’s are that you need to create the showcase page which means more time on your part that you didn’t intend to use on it in the first place and there’s not much room for product description in terms of text area.

Well, to help save you time creating a new images for your Showcase Page here are the specifications that you need to watch for:

According to LinkedIn:

Showcase Page element specifications:

  • Hero Image: Minimum 974 x 330 pixels. PNG, JPEG, or GIF. Maximum file size 2 MB. You can crop your image once it’s uploaded.
  • Logo: 100 x 60 pixels. Image will be resized to fit.
  • Square logo: 50 x 50 pixels. Image will be resized to fit.

BUT what they don’t tell you is what to expect once your Hero Image is created and uploaded. If you’re not careful you be sent packing back to the drawing board (as I was a few times) because there is text placed over the bottom portion of your Hero Image.

To avoid this here’s a visual guide to use. Note that my original canvas size is 981 x 335 because I find that some images are stretched even when created with exact specifications. As per the guide you want to make for sure that your text or main image is not covered up by the smaller Company Page logo and Showcase title in the lower right hand corner or by the Follow button and # of followers in the lower left hand corner.

linkedin showcase page image diagram







#1 Expectation of Social Media

December 4, 2013

Social Media – it’s everywhere. You can’t go online to too many places if you’re a business and not see social media related items. It’s a busy but necessary item if you have a company. It’s meant to compliment the marketing process not BE the marketing process and while most people may find this obvious the number 1 expectation with social media is this…..

dollarIt seems even after all this time that social media has been a part of our lives; it still is an expectation that it revitalize and create the all mighty ROI. I cannot stress this enough social media is not a shopping cart. It is a relationship tool. That doesn’t mean it can’t help generate sales but it shouldn’t be relied upon for doing so.


How to Avoid Your Profile Edits From Being Sent Out as LinkedIn Updates

May 30, 2013

When someone makes an update to their LinkedIn profile, that update is sent to out to your connections. Even if that update is minor, such as adding a new project or changing one line of text in their bio.

LinkedIn sends out an email that is entitled LinkedIn Updates and contains the section “PROFILE CHANGES IN YOUR NETWORK”. This is where those updates are listed. Now of course you could shut off the email feature in your email settings but what if you are the one doing changes and you have more than one edit to do or make a mistake? And what if you’re one of the people who find these updates useless or annoying to receive?

Here’s how to shut off the profile updates from being added to the LinkedIn Updates email that is sent out to your connections.

1. Login to your LinkedIn account and click the drop down menu and select Settings.

LinkedIn profile edits 1


2. Then click “Turn on/off your activity broadcasts” in the Profile section.

 linkedin profile edits 2

3. Uncheck the option “Let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations or follow companies.” And then press Save.

linkedin profile edits 3



Prezi Presentation

May 22, 2013

I created my first Prezi presentation – check it out! To play it through just click on the grey arrows in the toolbar at the bottom of the presentation.

5 Questions To Ask When Interviewing Potential Clients

April 11, 2013

As a Social Media Manager, Online Business Manager or Virtual Assistant; no matter what you offer as services, you should be prepared to interview your potential client as much as they are interviewing you during your first meeting. You are a professional offering a service not an employee. It’s often overlooked as the hiring process is still viewed as a one-way relationship from the client to the service provider, when in reality the working relationship is a mutually beneficial process. And nothing is more disastrous as saying Yes to a potential client who is clearly the wrong person for you to work with.

5 questionsThat first meeting is SO crucial to your working relationship. It’s the best time to ask a lot of questions to find out who this clients is and what it will be like working with them. Having an ideal client profile is imperative as it helps you define who you work with the best.



Here’s 5 questions to help you get started, that you can ask to help you find out if this potential client falls within your ideal client profile.

1. How long have you been in business?

2. How many clients do you serve or how big is your mailing list?

3. How big is your company or do you operate alone?

4. Do you have a budget in mind?

5. What is your working schedule each week?

What other questions do you think are important to ask? Leave me a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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